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Saturday, November 17, 2012

In Appreciation

To the staff of Saint Anthony's ICU – especially to those administering care to Kathy Franz Standifer in room 17.........

Thank you for being professional in your earnest efforts on Kathy's behalf during the weeks she was in your care.

We her family and friends were earnest players too—praying fervently for healing.

But gradually it became clear that that God had other plans for our dear Kathy.

Once I was visiting Kathy and had to leave because a sterile procedure was about to begin. The person preparing to perform it sensed my anxiety and, leaning over Kathy, said reassuringly to both Kathy and me (assuming she could hear through her unconsciousness) that “we are all family here.”

What I learned during Kathy's time in ICU is that exacting procedures, concern for the facts, medical knowledge, science, and the latest technological equipment are expressions of love as surely as are earnest prayers and tears.

Thank you for loving in these objective forms while sharing with us in our hopes, anxiety, fears, and finally grief. Being professional clearly does not require the abandonment of human sympathies but is instead an essential embodiment of them. Thank you for answering the call to service and doing faithfully an endless list of excruciating things necessary to
fulfill it.

With appreciation and love,
Wayne Standifer and all Kathy's family and friends.
Saturday, November 17, 2012

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