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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Focus, Leadership, and Prejudice

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

He is the best physician who is the most ingenious inspirer of hope.
----Samuel Taylor Coleridge

An effective leader is a person who has a clean focus on the task at hand. That is, when you are around this type of leader there is no sense that the signification of status and power is “what it's all about” for this person. Rather, there is a sense of comfort and relief that this will be a clean working relationship and not one freighted with a legacy of obsessive relational emotional conflict and turmoil. It is the difference between working with a bundle of fulminating dynamite on the one hand....and a pristinely focused camera on the other.

An interesting window into the role of prejudice in hereby evident. An effective leader looks externally for facts and reality and not within drawing conclusions and reactions from set prejudices and obsessions. An effective leader, for example, will engage in active communication and interaction with a target group while a leader of the old order relies not on first hand experience but upon indoctrinated prejudices. The first is founded upon love and reality while the second rests on hatred and assumptions—interestingly, even when the prejudices are groundlessly favorable.

Woe to any society that predominately cultivates and elevates either by design or circumstance delusional, self-absorbed leadership.

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