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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Try a Little Kindness

Where in your life are you working on: (a) Obeying authority? (b) Mutual respect? (c) Sharing (not showing) your wealth? (d) Being the host with the most? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 697.)

Two recent little incidents remind me again about how far a little respect and goodwill can carry you and others in life. In the first instance, Kathy and I were at Walmart in the busy somewhat crowded lobby area. We were in a hurry and I went some distance to the side area to get a shopping cart. As I was coming back into the main entrance area, I had to skirt a woman also headed back to get a cart. I felt the urge to give her my cart and simply go back and get another for myself. But I was in a hurry and did not do so. I could see that she recognized (almost against her will) my impoliteness. Afterwards, I regretted not making this simple and easily done gesture of kindness. The second instance occurred Tuesday at a filling station. I was headed into the store to hand over my credit card to the clerk before filling my tank. A tall, somewhat burly man was headed out as I was headed in. I stopped, turned around, and opened the door for the man. He was genuinely appreciative, and later outside at the pumps, he wished me well as he was getting gas for his own vehicle.

I wonder how many more years it will take me to learn that a little kindness and respect go a long ways towards lightening the load other people must carry while coincidentally giving me a sense of fundamental worthiness and decency. It reminds me of when I used to take my children (adopted from the streets) to Sunday school. Even though this happened many years ago, I can remember now and picture clearly how they were treated with love, respect, and courtesy. The adult class served coffee in the back of their meeting room. The boys liked to go in when the class was not in session and get a cup. Andy Hines, the teacher of the class, would often be standing in the back of the class and would serve the boys coffee – treating them as if they really mattered. If he only knew (perhaps that's the point, perhaps he did know) how much this meant to me and the boys. Lord, I pray that I will consistently and with insight and vision finally apply even the most simple and clear lessons that I have repeatedly seen demonstrated since childhood, but apparently have not sufficiently learned.

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