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Friday, June 29, 2012

Sacrificial Friendship

Is friendship a two-way street? Can I choose to be someone's friend, even in they choose not to return the friendship? To answer this question I first refer to Jesus on the cross when he forgave those who crucified him. He remained their friend even though they were not only unfriendly, but even were his enemy. Without question, then, it is clear what the disciplines of love require. We are not only to act in the best interest of others, we are to do so with a willing heart even when faced with coldness. Since love is genuine and not merely pro forma or phony, we must remain in a prayerful attitude requesting of God enabling power to transform the perceptually induced tit-for-tat reflex of coldness into a redeeming response of sincere helpfulness. We are to meet slights and even hatred with forgiveness and love which, by faith, we know is redemptive. This is without question one of the hardest of all the disciplines to exercise.
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