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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Street Fortitude

- by meitantei -

Two common sayings are: “You gotta do...what you gotta do” and “The way it the way it is.” Both of these statements seem simply reflexive on the surface. But considering the situations where they occur, it is clear that they also show very important attributes of the human spirit. I have heard “the way it is” saying used when it is necessary to fully accept less than ideal conditions. While much preferring something else, we signal that we are resolutely committed to coping with the realities presented. We will do whatever is necessary to grapple with the situation, and even though we may not prefer it or greatly like it, we are OK with it and will measure success on realistic terms. The “you gotta do” phrase is a call to arms. We will brace ourselves and be willing to muster any courage or endurance necessary. It's a saying that might be said before stepping into a cold shower on a winter morning when the water heater doesn't work. While these two sayings on the surface seem repetitive, they in fact give us a glimpse about why humanity has met and mastered many adverse circumstances over the millenniums.

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