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Monday, April 16, 2012

On Spiritual Validation

This morning on the radio I heard a program discussing religion and politics. It made the interesting observation that those who want bigger government and those who want smaller government both claim support from the Scriptures. I suppose both say that human freedom relies on their point of view. I suppose that both say compassion resides with their point of view. Those for a bigger government claim there is a responsibility of the commonweal to support and help those who are in need. Those who want smaller government say they want to show compassion for those who are independent, and they want to rely more on volunteer and charity organizations to help the needy. This was interesting to me for during the past several days I have asked how does one discern God's will? Both sides of this issue say they get their support from the Bible.

I want to analyze a little more what goes inside one's head when they feel led by the spirit. In my case, critics could say that I use the will of God as an excuse to confirm what I would have done anyway without any spiritual help. For example, I have recently and regularly attended a mosque. Sometimes sitting on the floor in an attitude of prayer and waiting for the service to begin, I have thought to myself—does God support what I am doing since I am a Christian? I can imagine God looking down on me with approval because he understands that what I am doing comes from the disciplines of love as I perceive them. I have been earnestly trying to overcome a prejudice. I have seen many news reports and commentaries that tend to paint Muslims as being extremist throughout. But from my experience at the mosque here in St. Petersburg, this clearly is not the case. So despite the Muslim belief that Christ was merely a prophet and that works in the last analysis contend with grace in importance, I feel certain that God wants me there. I even feel certain that Jesus, his only son sitting at his right hand, also supports my actions to worship his heavenly father as I do and as the Muslims do. So it could be said that I am looking to God for support for something that I really want to do willfully on my own. Yes, because I feel it so strongly, I remain certain that I am in divine will.

So when I hear two different political points of view claiming divine leadings, I can appreciate that both sides strongly feel, believe, and have adamant faith that their leanings are true. Perhaps while not logically consistent, I believe it possible that both are right for both are necessary in the big picture.

Finally, a note about tonight's blog. I composed it using some software that I just received today. That software is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I simply speak into a microphone and the words magically appear on the screen. I must admit it does a great job; better than the software I tried six years ago by the same company. Obviously, the software engineers have made great improvements. One helpful new feature is that now one can choose their accent region—for me, southern.

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