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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Climb Every Mountain

Are you most open to God’s leading in feast or famine?  Why?  Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, p.156.

Today I met with my financial advisor and came away feeling somewhat discouraged.  I had to face reality—I will not be living high on the hog in my old age.  If the time comes to seek a retirement home, I will have to find quarters in relatively low rent accommodations.  Perhaps it is based on the mind’s capacity to rationalize, but I have determined to cast this in a positive light.  I ask, what is most important—and find for me that answer is happiness.  And what brings happiness but a feeling of meeting challenges and serving basic purposes—of defining vital missions to fill in daily life that can imbue it with a sense of meaning, in the end, a sense of being needed.  For me, this has always centered on having the capacity to realize love in daily life—in the things I do and the people with whom I am destined to associate.  I ask: In the past have my dreams of a stellar career materialized?  I must answer “no”.  On the other hand, do I find vital purpose and mission in my present situation?  The answer is most certainly “yes”.  So, likewise, I conclude that living in old age in a retirement home where every want and need are met is less important than feeling a challenge to lovingly contribute wherever I am.  I could well feel useless in the lap of luxury without any challenges to meet or positive contributions to make.  It could result in a well-heeled but quiet desperation.  I am a fighter at heart, and do best with constant challenges to meet.  God knows best what is good for me—far better than myself.  I optimally thrive under some pressure necessitating reliance on the exercise and leadings of divine love.

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