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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Trouble on the Way to the Presidency

All my life I have wanted to the President.  I have suddenly come to realize a major hindrance to fulfilling this ambition—I hate going to meetings.  Nothing drives me nuts faster than sitting down at an hour-long meeting where events are reviewed that have transpired since Christmas.  To make matters worse, I hate networking where a pretense is made at studying some subject matter when the true end is getting to know the “right” people in case one needs to call on them someday to further one’s career.  Lastly, I hate crowds.  I had much rather stay home than be one of a thousand stuck in a traffic jam.  I prefer rather brief “non-meetings” where throughout the day one cogently addresses issues; I prefer practical networking where in the daily pursuit of one’s work one meets people and establishes friendships; I prefer to think of desirable crowds as no larger than a typical church meeting. With these aversions and these preferences it is clear I am best employed exactly as I am.

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