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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making a Difference

Tonight we saw Babe: Pig in the City.  Babe found himself on the mean streets of a metropolis.  It was an environment where most everyone was looking out for themselves.  Babe, under vicious attack by a bull terrier, ran many blocks until making a narrow escape.  In the pursuit, the bull terrier became entangled and found himself drowning headfirst in a body of water.  Babe, seeing the dog’s plight, got a boat and saved his former pursuer from drowning.  The stray animals on the street witnessed this act of courage and kindness and found it remarkable, even hopeful.  So too did the saved bull terrier.  The moral of this aspect of the story was simple—show kindness where least expected and it can—will—have an impact, even winning over former enemies.   While a work of fiction proves nothing, it can resonate within us and give us courage and hope.  We can be inspired to do the kind thing while deeply yearning for some fatherly affirmation like that offered to Babe by Farmer Hoggett.  As the film closes he says to Babe, “That'll do Pig. That'll do.”

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