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Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Praise of Sexual Attraction

There may be a few Venus’s and Adonis’s in the world who always are self-assured sexually based on their striking good looks.  But probably most of us have multiple reasons to feel less than a very hot article.  Most men I know remember only too well being snotty-nosed boys with a negative attraction potential.  It is frequently a continuing surprising marvel to them that a female possibly could be genuinely attracted to them.  I was at a recreation center yesterday going about my work.  I noticed peripherally a young man in his twenties talking to the female associate at the desk.  He was seated and obviously taking care of some business matter.  When he eventually left, the associate said, “Whew, I’m glad he’s gone.  I was beginning to forget that I am a married woman.  I said as little to him as I possibly could.  Lord, he was something else.  Help me Lord; the devil is sure active today.”  My bet is the young man hadn’t a clue that in addressing some problematic business matter he was having quite an effect on the associate at the desk.  He had too deeply ingrained in his head that only yesterday he was a snotty-nosed kid and that this morning he had bad breath.  So today I sing praise to sexual attraction so that, as in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream, one can fall in love even with a jackass.     

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