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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation Lessons

Vacation days are almost over. Once more it’s time to settle in to a school routine—to hold in the land of memories the family vacation. What lessons were learned out of school?--that your family can be clearly defined as a unit in a car on the open road (that getting the car serviced and checked is important); that your fate for a brief time was clearly and dramatically cast with your family; that meals together and other activities in strange places can claim the strange places as your own special and familiar memories; that even distant relatives are loving and reliable; that mom and dad are not completely defined by work and chores but can be seen in a new light as adventurous and fun loving; that the world looks different in different places—but that’s ok. You can survive the new and unfamiliar; that special times are important; that when you leave home, you can return and your own town, your own home, your own room, and your own pets will be waiting for you; that it’s safe to leave home and be adventurous; that leaving the nest of home somehow portends the future; that life is a long and winding road; that good things outnumber the bad; that change is worth the risk and effort; that faith and trust are required for any worthwhile undertaking.

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