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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Endpoint We Come to

Is the worship of God really the worship of the individual--a positing of a sacred being to guarantee human freedom; to allow the individual to appeal to a higher power and thus become ultimate boss themselves? Is it a cloaking of egotism in a false mantle of humility—I am, while claiming humility, beholding to no one but God, who it turns out is a mere projection of myself?

No doubt people who feel they are God exist. But the preponderance of the faithful that I’ve known feels deeply within themselves their own imperfections. They appreciate that others accept them despite their limitations. They believe in a loving God for they feel forgiven. They feel that God is perfect, and they know only too well that they are not perfect—that they are not God.

Religion can be used as a vehicle for abuse especially when self-righteousness predominates. But a believer in God who is at once humble and repenting is prima facie evidence that God is not a self-projection of egotism. The endpoint we come to is that human freedom when based on the worship of God is not slavery to self.

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