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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Tribute to that Stringent Balm--Mischief

Mischief maker: “somebody who causes or enjoys causing harmless trouble” Encarta Dictionary.

Today I had the great fun of watching mischief makers in action.  Our manager (a city guy) recently went on a vacation to a rural area and came back with stories of his prodigious accomplishments in skeet shooting with a rifle (never mind that he was actually using a shotgun).  The two mischief makers decided to create a photo with Photoshop fixing the head of the manager on the body of Annie Oakley.  The resulting personage is dressed in frontier clothing and comes replete with a rifle at the ready.  The picture was then printed out (poster size) and presented to the manager who at the time of presentation, by good fortune, happened to have his boss present.  The pursuant consternation was enjoyed by all, though the manager did suggest as a solution he might remove Photoshop from our department.

I think that mischief making is a gift from above.  Look at all the good it does.  It brings surprise, laughter, happiness, and fresh perspective, all in a framework of loving goodwill.  It shows spunk and spirit, wit, talent, and a benevolent intelligence.  Surely Dennis the Menace’s neighbor, Mr. Wilson, would be the poorer without the incorrigible mischief maker next door.    Thank goodness for Dennis the Menaces of all shapes, sizes, ages, and sexes, who bring penetrating originality to a sometimes too routine and stuffy world.

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