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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Youth Deserve Compassion

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People find their identity through history.  We know who we are as a people by knowing the historic roots of our past.  We know who we are as individuals by having a personal past filled with failures and achievements. Even our failures can serve to give us confidence as we have moved on from them to other accomplishments.  We find that we are, above all, survivors.  We become confident in our resiliency and our ability to endure.  We even learn to rationalize failures in a healthy way that allows us to cope in the future.  Healthy rationalizations are in themselves positive assets that give us a certain peace and confidence.  Youth lack much of this valuable personal history.  They look to their peer group for assurance that they have substance.  This can be a nerve-racking experience as a sense of worth depends on others finding you cool who are themselves handicapped by lacking past personal references and a tried identity.  The identity search becomes a shark feeding frenzy in the shallows.  For this reason, youth deserve compassion.

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