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Friday, June 25, 2010

Preparing for Kathy's Birthday Tomorrow

Today I wrote Kathy a birthday poem to include in her birthday card.  Here is what I wrote:

To Kathy on her 50th Birthday

Like a fresh breeze on a stifling day,
You came into my life this very decade,
You brought your kindness and thoughtfulness,
You brought friendship and faithfulness,
You brought your love and gifted me,
With thoughts of you that never leave;
My life is now grounded in intimacy.
Thank God for bringing us together at First Church,
Where we shared smiles in Mitch’s class,
And enjoyed weekend dates like clockwork--and artwork,
And permanently set our relationship in place,
With a divinely guided wedding at North Beach,
Where our vows sealed us into a single family;
For once and always your birthdays will mean to me,
The beginning of everything fresh and free,
The end of paralysis, the arrival of peace.