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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Thank You Guys For Liberating Me

I address this to all those boys and girls, youth, men and women of the faith that have the heart of Christ and are--to boot--my black soul brothers and sisters (and Eddie Murphy this of course includes you). You helped free me for God’s service by clearing the air of religiosity which can too often be a symptom of white folks’ religion. You will notice in The Golden Child that the child is surrounded on all sides during captivity with prison bars symbolically amplified with clouds of incense and murmuring incantations. In many white churches one senses cloying constraint the minute one enters the sanctuary--or should I say the inner sanctum of authoritarian repression. So I would like to thank the Black Race and Culture for bringing true liberty to the American banquet table and sharing spiritual freedom in all kinds of miraculous and generous ways.  Truly--though it costs you many sacrifices--you emancipated American culture for God’s good and creative works.

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