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Sunday, July 14, 2019

My Chosen Running Mate

I want to have as my vice-president Eddie Murphy.  Yet, if he insists on playing around only with flamboyant thespians, I guess I’m flat out of luck.

You see, he will be my way to rig the election ON BEHALF OF THE HOLY GHOST.  God feels it’s way past time that ALL OF US have a little fun laughing at ourselves.  There’s all kinds of illumination--but to be spiritually free we need lots of charitable laughter.

There’s only one talent alive fully up to this task.  (I intend to make Beverly Hill Cops required viewing for all those that give a shit about our country.)  Come on Eddie, you knew all along that you were gifted with comic genius for far more than writhing within sweaty sheets while passionately sidling up to a grossly obscene bank account.  You are called upon now to save our country with laughter…besides I need a running mate with demonstrated skill in love’s promiscuous abandon to share my personal presidential intimacy....with the whole goddamn world….Trust me!

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