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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Just My Type

Even as a child I enjoyed smiling neighbors

......and kind faces for every stage of life

Republicans always seemed to leave behind a whiff of condescension and a deep desire to resolutely lay down the law for shallow folks like me

preach, hold forth, lecture, expound, pronounce, sermonize, sound off, harangue, dogmatize, moralize
formal declaim, perorate

colloq. lay down the law, spiel

(Chanberrs Thesarous   5th ed))


None Dare Call This Treason...Just Have a Drink and Swim Like a Frog in Heating Water a Bit Longer ...


 "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" Truman could mince no words......I too shared the perception that Republicans always felt superior to riffraff like me--and consequently could leave behind a whiff of condescension   


You may find this of special Interest...May I also serve you a relaxing drink?

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