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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Hey Scaredy-Cat Jitterbugs...Queasy Stomach Turbulence Up Ahead (Just For You) !!!!

The Good Book makes one thing very clear--better not mess with the humble in spirit or station.


Jitterbug defined (Chambers Dictionary 13th ed.):  nervous person, scaremonger or alarmist 

Oh my, you thought the Donald was the last word in scaremongering silliness.  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  You know my intent is to make very clear it is way past time for phony capitalists sequestered in fool’s gold towers to be exposed for what they truly are—nervous Nelly control freaks who want to play god (little disposable worm, you’re fired!) and dispense with any sort of due process review. 

They seem to truly believe that all capitalism boils down to is manipulation of inert property; and whoever owns the inert property at any given moment in time has absolute right to control all human capital inherently needed to make the inert asset productive and valuable over time.  The understanding of our democracy is that the human capital asset at its core is inherently not for sale though its services can be ostensibly rented through payment of wages.   The underlying capital assets of personhood (intelligence, productivity, creativity, spirit, and self-esteem) always remain personhood assets endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights.

I present this as a rationale for respectfully granting all a right to 3rd party review—due process—in matters of fundamental importance to the well-being of personhood.  Since our US Constitution guarantees due process in terms of democratic governance, it becomes a ludicrous joke if due process applies assiduously to a loitering citation while remaining totally irrelevant to a vital and central aspect of our daily lives--workplace governance.

As should be obvious to all but nervous Nelly jitterbugs, this has nothing to do with socialism. Rather than infringing upon personhood--as some deem socialism does, having 3rd party review (or due process) profoundly endorses personhood rather destroying it.  Likewise, a vast number of employers have seen the necessity and wisdom of such reviews to protect personhood as well as promote internal organizational trust, vitality, and health.


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