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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Wayne Steps Up to the Plate (with Connie's Permission)

There comes a moment to decide: Will I enter the arena rather than sitting back anonymously in the stands, or will I. ..fighting back tears and with the full knowledge that I will be found ridiculous and absurd by some and a dangerous psycho ego maniac by others.. to step up and frankly say I think I have been called by God for this very hour to do what I can to help the last best hope for humanity to endure.

And to be frank with you, the Ways of God are so beyond my understanding that I am forced to proceed with faith and trust and the firm assurance that He loves me and that I will forever be sustained by Divine love both unseen and that seen in the countenances of those mortals who deeply care for me.  At some point--say when a loved one is trapped in a house afire--that one must.. MUST stop worrying about whether one’s hair is properly combed or that one is even only half dressed and strike out into plain view with trust that those who know the power of love will understand that there is really nothing to apologize for.

This is how I see our tragedy at this present hour.  A large portion of the American people are born into a web of meanness and even now suffer abuse.  The pain is so deep that mental defenses become necessary even to survive.  Now we see the harvest—the grapes of wrath.  We lucky ones raised in a web of love (those “pocket book issues” can be an astonishingly secondary factor) must do what we can to help those hurting and to relieve their suffering…yet we must not allow them to commit suicide by collapsing civilization upon themselves and others.

My plan if God chooses to affirm it is to run for President of the United States.  Relax, you will not see me insult your hearts and minds by thinking you will not vote for me unless I flood the airways with self-serving propaganda or that you will not vote for me unless I visit a saloon in your town so you can get near enough to smell my armpits (I have a strong ego, but frankly I consider a few things over the top.)

My plan is to get with others so that we can plan regular nationally televised sessions to seriously exam those things that most hurt our country. Most importantly you will hear from experts that know up close and personal what the factors of pain are and how the it has caused suffering in their own lives. You will encounter life stories most will find almost beyond belief.  The days of “wink, wink” are over so much as I can influence it.

I plan to stay pretty much in Saint Pete so you can get to know some of my friends and the little heaven many of us experience here in work and play.  Saint Pete is one of those towns where people discuss in a doorway at some length who will have the honor and privilege of going through last.

My motto is: “It is not what you know, but who you know.”  You will get to know ordinary folk with wisdom and talent that will astound you.  There may well not be a national convention. But should there be one, it will be a small-town affair with covered dish dinners, song fest, and maybe a meeting or two--if we can find a willing church small enough to accommodate us.

[An institution of religion is in no way to be a national state religion.  But you will never persuade that our nation can thrive and survive without humility before our Providence/Creator and sincere practice of the Golden Rule.  (A great sense of fun and play--even at menial tasks--also serendipitously fortifies our health with creative showers of Amazing Grace.)]


I here include a portion of a previous blog (the link following quotation leads to original page).

Today I announce a long-term ambition that has held me over the years – I have always wanted to be president of the United States. Did you chuckle, did you laugh? I think that's very understandable given a royally statuesque view of the presidency. (Someone once called by the kid nickname “Wiener” should better know their place.)  It is has taken me many years to develop an answer to these chuckles.  And that answer is: “Your view of the presidency is way too small.”

Many people yearn for a transformational president. I yearn for a president that has been transformed. Transformed that is by experience, education, work, and (the most important of all other than faith)—by the deep implantation within their innermost core of gratitude for the vast array of human resources and talent widely on display, but sometimes hidden but assuredly always there. Such assurances come by personal, intimate loving relations with at least some individuals outside one’s own circumscribed conventionality.  It is only then that one understands that the labels one pastes on others is directly reflective of one's own impoverished humanity.

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