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Monday, October 22, 2018

The God-Awful Sentiment of Tough Love vs Taffy Love Our Hearts Desire


I wouldn’t give 2 Cents for Tough love—it always implies “or else”.  Or else what…..water boarding?

No I want and ONLY count as love Taffy Love – that means we will stick together until……..

Michael Moore asked a question once that continues to play in my mind as something relevant to many (certainly not all) aspects of American life.  He ask why is America so mean?   In my mind this applies to both the government and enterprise sectors.  It boils  down in my view to our too ready assumption that charity and tough love are equivalent. When I consider the meaning of charity I think of Taffy Love.  Lincoln pleaded for charity in the context of many thousands of brother against brother battlefield casualties. (Consider if Lincoln instead had incited all to wield tough love billy clubs.)  Say, I greet in the street someone who killed my best friend,  It is much easier for me to use tough love in public policy formation as it relates to this individual rather than charity and taffy love.  But taffy love is where Jesus would have us. (See his Beatitude address.)  Taffy Love requires grace from God to empower us whereas Tough Love assumes we are god.

[Prison "Correction" is an absurdity.  Consider the phenomenon of your own perception.  Is it not an affront and insult to you personhood to imply that you are a toggle switch which can be flipped from side to side by a domineering authority?  As Americans I think we ought not exchange the Golden Rule for a swagger stick concealed within a blind of patronizing professionalism and camouflage.]

I can tell you right here and now that our enemies' dream of a degenerate America will be realized unless Taffy Love replaces Tough Love as a mantra of government and business . The bottom line of “you’re fired NFL player" or the seemingly universally applicable "lock-her-up"is an appeal to retributive tough love. It is incumbent upon each of us to determine whether Lincoln or Trump is more in accord with the values underlying our Constitution.  Zooming down to the family unit, what do we most yearn for and need?...the retributive and transactional tough love inherently foreboding banishment.........or its obverse.....taffy love that abides unconditionally through thick and thin.

 I recognize some would consider the following music videos of deplorably low IQ and despicably weak of character and for losers only.  What do you think?  Believe me when I say your determination in this matter will be of final importance....I repeat... of FINAL importance.


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