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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hi Jimmy Cliff, So Glad You Could Come By

jimmy cliff by nancybanksp

Artist: Sarah Neely        Jimmy Cliff poster available here


The other day I brought home a freshly framed poster of Jimmy Cliff.  I love this particular poster because the artist who painted the original captured the authentic and generous goodwill reflected in much of Cliff's music--music that has helped nourish me over the (sometimes discouragingyears. Once I studied a book that elaborated at great length the importance of the facial area adjacent to the eyes. The book supported the idea that if we feel that one is not telling us the truth, it is this facial area that signals the dishonesty  The frank and affirmative face looking down on me from this poster tonight  I have seen many times before from friendscoworkers, family, and even strangers. 

Jimmy this evening  I would like to talk with you directly. Things are kind of messed in our society because we seem to have let go of creativity and generosity and bit hook, line and sinker for the fool's gold of glittering rationalizations intended to hide (even from ourselves) unseemly and gratuitous infliction of pain for selfish ends. Even our cherished commitment to equal human worthiness is twisted by self-serving rationalistic pretense to mean that since all are dealt an equal number of cards, the shame for those who lack resourcelies squarely upon their own Looser backs. 

Sad to say JimmyI see presumed rank substituted for creativity in my own religious persuasion of Christianity.  can end up contending that I'm holier than thou because dotted an "i" or crossed a "t" or piously employed a hat full of shibboleths that no one else (outside my own mutual admiration society} knows or has any decent reason to know.  Pompous asses of this sort love to consider themselves victims of heathen persecution.  They just don't understand that those lambasted by their condescension are the real victims.

Finally, we come to politicians who hate government and would tear down every pillar of it.  Their insight is truly awesome if not entirely original.  Justice is better served in their view by standing militia rather than by a national military or sworn local officers.  Government and its justice department use timid, tentative judgment whereas vigilante justice and roving militia are by their very nature more virtuous and efficient than a deep state enmeshed in bureaucracy and stultifying process 

Jimmy Cliff, thanks for letting me vent a bit.  I see by your smile (and music) that even if I should pass gas now and then,  you will hang close just a little bit longer.


This following song though not by Jimmy Cliff helps me feel at ease.

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