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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Embedding Diet Pills with Tape Worms

Verb: diminish
1. Become smaller or less in size, extent, or range
2. Lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of


diminish /di-minĖˆish/
transitive verb
1. To make less
2. To take a part from
3. To degrade or belittle

[Chambers Dictionary (13th Edition)]


To use an old term, my physique is rather “stout.”  For those uninitiated in ancient polite discourse that means “fat”.  Everyone, it seems, is ready and willing to give me advice that for better health I should lose a few (say 75!) pounds.  And I am certain that everyone offering this advice loves me and has goodwill in their hearts.

But one must always beware of predators who yearn infinitely less to see you fit and trim so much as weakened, savaged, and utterly diminished.  I fear that many of my conservative friends who idealistically yearn to improve the commonweal through developing a leaner and healthier government institution may precipitously fall prey to the encroaching menace of roving jackals. These dangerous predators--habitually emboldened and buzzed-out on high-grade hegemonic envy--may end-game immolate democracy itself.

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