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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Of War and Peace

I once knew a man--a member of a weird religious sect--who believed that Albert Einstein never existed but was a myth perpetrated by the Jews and Jewish sympathizers.  No real harm was done by this man's personal views until it became a conviction of his that he himself was a genius in math and physics.  Forthwith he came to the conclusion that the Hoover Dam was creating a profound disruption in the substratum of particle essences that bound together seven essential tensile laws of physics.  He at once began to devise a plot to destroy the dam, and he might well have done so had it not been for a set conviction of his that The Mortal Kombat Theme Song when set forth with deafening amplitude at the stroke of midnight until sudden cessation precisely at 6:66am would through disruption of gravitational harmonies transcendent to an exponent of 1000 suddenly fracture the dams pseudo reliance on a mere shadowland of conjured physics.   Regrettably perhaps we will never know the full implications of his genius because he fancied that his method would only produce the desired result if Mortal Kombat were played at max volume when triangulated upon the courtyard of Beverly Hills Police Headquarters. The police generally unversed in theoretical physics of this type, promptly and professionally chauffeured our would-be benefactor of mankind to a mental ward.

I share this true story to which I personally attest in order to make a simple point.  As a believer in the Supreme Being sometimes called God or Heavenly Father, I find no harm done if others do not believe, but ONLY IF they do not begin to think that THEY themselves are God--flawless, perfect beings whose wisdom in all things (thought, word, and deed) is never to be doubted or questioned. Such macho self-righteous hubris and sheer stupidity stand as the best argument for humanity's humility before the throne of God.  The opiate of the people proves not to be religion which affirms humanity's need for a Holy God, but proves instead to be endless arrays of stiff-necked idols in whose stern images abject worshipers find spitting images of themselves. 

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