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Monday, May 29, 2017

In Memoriam --The Triumph of Cynicism

Exam yourself American voter. If you have come to accept that the term "politician" equates with the total and complete lack of integrity and that in the political playing field objectivity and regard for facts are inherently impossible due to the nature of man; and that the essence of governance boils down to day trading dominance alone and that ethics (and to use a quaint term, virtue) are totally irrelevant except that they render us weak; then I ask on this Memorial Day why even honor the row upon row of fallen--those silly fools who fancied that integrity and courage and honor and compassion and sacrifice--even the ultimate sacrifice--had any real meaning or value at all? No, these silly idealist, these silly losers deserve no honor. It is only we--the truly sophisticated left standing, the Real Winners who know how to cash in--It is only we who deserve the glitz and glory! (Thought for the Day: “Real Politics” practices and behavior are bound to collude with “Real Business” practices and behavior and vice versa.)


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