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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Secret Sauce of Spiritual Freedom

"The luckiest person ever born in the history of the world is the baby being born in America today. We have the secret sauce, and it unleashes human potential like no system has ever unleashed it in history." --Warren Buffett

The American Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. This is the most gracious and essential aspect of the Constitution. For it recognizes that there is holy ground within each individual that must not be violated--even by the chief governing body. This insight that the spiritual nature of man is and must be ultimately forever beyond state control and--through wide institutional replication--generally applied is the secret sauce of America.  Structurally it helps contain the most pernicious of all human reflexes--the fundamental attribution error.  This emancipation from the domination of negative self-righteous absolutism unleashes true brotherhood, creativity, and happiness that is flat-out Providential in its overflowing generosity. It is the purest expression of love and nurture.  Never for a moment conclude that competition is the engine of abundance.  That conceit holds that the tail wags the dog--a totally fallacious notion.

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