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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fine Distinctions and Restless Minds

Ron Reagan Jr and I have remarkably similar politics. During the last election cycle he liked Bernie Sanders and he detested Donald Trump (Youtube video below). Though he did not consider Hillary Clinton his ideal choice, he found Trump completely unacceptable. I say all this because politics does sometimes make strange bedfellows. For example, the ad at the beginning of this blog featuring Ron is something that I could never do because I simply do not think it possible to separate religion from politics. (Indeed, church and state as institutions retain a certain distinct conceptual tidiness… but such careful niceties are profoundly absent from everyday experiential consciousness.) I would even go so far as to say that Ron’s ultimate objection to Donald Trump is largely religious and spiritual. I remember St. Paul’s saying that when he became a man he put away childish ways of thinking. He matured crucially by developing an appreciation for the spiritual undertows that can wipe-out mankind in an instant--especially those treacherous ones precipitated by hubris. The Great Dictators always seem to want to raise monuments to themselves totally ignorant of the fact that the very towers they build render naked their self-involved and prurient romanticism.  They are very much like the false prophets of old--a very proud bunch on the whole.  They fancied their warped, self-serving and immature romanticism to be spiritual inspiration. Have not we observed that authentic creativity is correlated with humility and genuine inclusiveness while the spiritually bankrupt strut about, demean, and exclude? 

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