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Monday, September 21, 2015

Principles of Decision-Making

What principles for decision-making do you see between the lines of [Joshua 18] that uses chance allotment, survey work, divine prophecy, circumstances and personal desires? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 340).

Principles of Decision-Making in a Creative Democracy
  • Cultivate open and creative minds through mutual respect and goodwill and the free interplay of ideas (fructify abundance through the practical/assiduous application of the Golden Rule).
  • Encourage frankness, honesty, and intellectual integrity.
  • Cultivate a forgiving environment with a "let's move on" mindset.
  • Enrich participation though the use of small groups.
  • Propagate friendly competition designed to stimulate mutual innovation rather than to stultify, manipulate, and fester ill-will.
  • Maintain a healthy regard for intuition, insight, hunches, and spiritual leadings.
  • Instill a sense of meaning and purpose for all peoples via deep regard for individual talent, creativity, and promise (while concurrently mindful of a shared mortality).
  • Minimize micro-management while accentuating accountability and responsibility.
  • Eschew the forces of darkness fueled by derogatory labels, fear, cynicism, and prejudice.
  • Recognize that love forms the most congenial environment for humankind to thrive.
  • Maintain a realistic acknowledgement of human limitations to help cope with mortal vicissitudes while deferring to the steady wisdom of Providence.

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