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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Rising-Fall Redemption

In the cycle of good and bad kings and their effect on people, two major compulsions are evident in 2 Chronicles:  (a) the compulsion of tyrannized people to assert their freedom;; and (b) the compulsion of free people to self-destruct. How is this cycle and these two compulsions evident in your world?  (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 647).

The fundamental issue is evidenced in this question: why do people primarily want to be free – to be Big Ikes (self-important persons ("takers") or to be humble servants of the good seeking to make positive contributions ("givers")? Self-important people are servants only to themselves and thus circle their wagons and become defensive and hypocritical and filled with lust, greed, and envy. They are not true lovers of liberty, but are libertines howsoever cloaked in self-righteous rectitude.  Here the inevitable drive is towards the Balkanization of society into fragments readily willing to rape the truth for their own selfish ends. A society based on falsehoods and greed can appear successful for an ephemeral moment, but soon disintegrates. This can be contrasted with a society that is based on brotherhood and equality in alliance with empathy, compassion, and the Golden rule.   Humble abeyance to God Almighty and the correlative frank recognition of human potential with its obdurate confounding proximity to human limitations gives rise to and undergirds the essential family realism of democracy made possible at the outset by universal guaranteed rights.

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