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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Your Life Is About More than Hemorrhoids

And earth and heav'n be one. (From last stanza of hymn "This Is My Father's World.").

One very important service Jesus provided for us was to present a realized combination of divinity and humanity. I think one of the greatest obstacles man has to face is understanding the reality and ready feasibility of spiritual principles. We become beset and beleaguered by human imperfections – hemorrhoids, if you will. Somehow we feel deeply unworthy to attain any significant thing or masterful principle. This is a gross injustice to the nature of man who is made in God's image. So on those days when we feel that we cannot attain any meaningful thing because of pesky hemorrhoids, remember that our Savior, who exemplified and embodied the principles and spirit of heaven, was also fully human and an earthly carrier of all that entails.

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