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Monday, October 6, 2014

Authority as an Implement

Is "authority"  more of a positive or a negative word to you? How so? Why is that? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1612).

In my view, authority is merely a necessary organizational tool to help us effectively work and create. And as I have mentioned before, tools are simply that – in a sense they are neutral in attribute. It is the way in which authority is designed and wielded that makes it good or bad.  Therefore, authority per se has no attitudinal element for me.  My attitude comes into play only when I perceive authority's specific nature and the manner in which it is being used (or not used should it be abdicated).  Now in an imperfect world such as we have it is important to have checks on authority; for there can be an inclination, like with the Caesars, to declare oneself a god. Thus even in a family where parents are in command of their children, there are limits to parental actions imposed by the state. And the state if well-designed is equipped with checks upon and within governmental authority.  In the private creative sector, there are checks as well.  Thus, I do not flinch at the concept of authority for it is merely a tool. Yet, for sure, I celebrate when authority is shaped and underwritten by the disciplines of love.

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