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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Government's Hurdle

What aspects of government do you find most difficult to accept? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1582).

What bugs me most is how government is too much like me and thee.  That is, it takes on all the limitations of human perception.  It much too often mistakes labels for reality.  It assumes knowledge where in fact it stands in abject ignorance.  It assumes a tad too much invincibility in close cahoots with its own presumed immortality.  It forgets that its mission is to serve and not be served.  Sometimes it is subject to too much emotion; at others it is subject to too much rationality.  It adores rationalization and can rationalize that black is white and that war is peace and that poverty is good for character building.  It is sometimes paranoid, at others it is manic-depressive.  It acts either like money grows on trees or, conversely, that Scrooge was the wisest man ever portrayed.  It caves in much too often to peer pressure and does the popular thing rather than the right thing.  It often worships success at the expense of duty. It acts without thinking and colludes with false friends for the wrong reasons.  It is subject to hateful acts and awesome callousness. In all these ways (the list is endless) all governments without exception are equally republic.  The Supreme Court has ruled that a corporation is a person.  With a little introspection it will conclude that governments are people too.

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