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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Candid Camera Coward

When have you been tempted to bail out of a stormy situation and slip away in a lifeboat? What happened? What did you learn? (Serendipity Bible Fourth Edition, page 1564).

Today is Labor Day--a day I like to reminisce about the good ol' days when I worked for the City of Saint Petersburg.  I will never forget what happened one quiet Sunday afternoon when everyone was off work in Leisure Services except those working special events.  I had left a personal item at the work office and I decided to retrieve it that Sunday (though I was one of those who was off).  Now the security system for the Leisure Services facility is top-notch.  I thought perhaps a special events person would be there that weekend, and I could gain access to the building.  My wife Kathy was with me, but she stayed in the car while I went around the corner to the back door of the building.  I tried the door... and it was unlocked!  I proceeded to enter and the alarm warning immediately started sounding.  I panicked, bolted out the door, and quickly retraced my steps.  (The proper course of action would have been for me to remain in the building, find a co-worker there, and have them disable the alarm timer.)  As I say, I bolted out the door and hotfooted it out of the building, joined Kathy in the car, and sped away.  Monday, I thought better of my actions and admitted what I had done to my boss Mark.  Mark went directly to the video record made by the security camera equipment... and there I was like a weasel cravenly scurrying away.  Jeff my good friend and coworker was also my political nemeses.  We couldn't agree about anything regarding political affairs; and I too often came off as the liberal wimp.  Well Jeff delighted in the video--my "profile in courage" as he called it.  Lord, those were the days!

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