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Friday, July 25, 2014

When the Fur Rises

Are there some people who would just assume that [you are] not for them? Are there some forms or practices you could change to remove those barriers? How do you feel about making those changes? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1549; question in text reads "...would just assume that your church is not for them?)".

As there is some mystery why two dogs just don't get along and the fur rises on their backs when they get around each other, humans also can encounter personality conflicts and incompatibilities that are in some ways mysterious.  There are some people who just don't like me very much and assume we're in some sense incompatible--I'm just not for them--just not someone they would choose as a friend.  What can or should I do to alleviate this (assuming anything can be done about it)?

First off, I would not want them to be dishonest with me by hairspraying their fur down before we encounter one another.  As uncomfortable for both of us as incompatibility can be, we should not in my opinion be phony to one another.

What I would ask of them is the same thing I would ask of myself.  Ponder (NOT worry) over the matter and take it to the Lord in prayer asking for greater understanding for both of us.  Perhaps ultimately we vaguely fear each other on some undefinable and profound level beyond cogent articulation.  If both our prayers be to love one another even when we fear one another, we have the Biblical assurance that love drives out fear--at which point there will be no need for hairspray.

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