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Monday, January 6, 2014

What Communion Means to Me?

What does Communion mean to you? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1382).

Today was Communion Sunday. Remarkably, it took me a long time to attach much meaning to the ceremony. It always represented, of course, something that was almost universally celebrated in my faith and in my particular church. One time I remember (when I was in my 20's) asking my pastor what it meant. I told him I really didn't know. He replied that knowing me, that was impossible and ended the conversation. Over the years I have come to have the following understanding of Communion.

Communion is:

  • The recognition of the importance of grace in our lives. That is, knowingly or unknowingly we hurt ourselves, others, and the ongoing fulfillment of God's will. Therefore two provisions are made—forgiveness for our sins and the modification of our perception based upon the acts and words of Jesus and the leadings of the Holy Spirit which together enable redemption and renewal.

  • I find it an occasion of taking stock and affirming commitment. At the communion rail I often pledge to be more open to guidance and to redouble my efforts to do God's will.

  • Communion is a time of renewing my identity and bonds with fellow Christians. In my congregation and all the world over we are sharing in the recognition, honor, and our immeasurable indebtedness to the truth of Christ.

  • Of course I have personal memories of my immediate family as it has celebrated communion over the generations. I am especially moved by the role my parents played in teaching me to honor God and the family of man, and the special love and support of my wife Kathy.

  • Finally, it is a time to simply bask in the love of God; to sense the reality of forgiveness, the assurance of purpose, the promise of meaningful service—the great generosities of God.

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