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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Talk and the Walk

How do you know when to keep silent and when to talk about your faith? (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1385).

This is a remarkable easy question, for we all know there's a time to cease with the talk and just walk the walk—when the most eloquent speech is action. There's a time to articulate purpose with some completeness and there's a time to roll up one's sleeves and execute purpose with silent determination. Each represents a stage of faith. One is preliminary and is the honing of conceptual integrity, the other is practical and the visible enactment of commitment. This applies not only to matters of faith but is a process with broad testimonials from experience. If a family is planning a trip, there's a time for discussion and negotiation of interests, but at some advanced stage in the process there comes a time to set the alarm for wee hour departure. At some point an identified purpose becomes a duly enacted purpose. A family's history should then involve not only accounts of the trip, but the process leading up to the trip. Often in retrospect we overlook the process that identifies purpose and dwell entirely on the travel. This is a bias of history that must be resisted. Yesterday I mentioned the Bill of Rights. Surely their enactment should not overlook the preliminary coalescence of commitments propounding the elements most favorable for human nurture.

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