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Friday, October 4, 2013

One Year Ago

Today I printed out my time sheets for one year ago. They indicate that one year ago next Wednesday through next Friday I took off vacation time from work. This was set aside for the time that Kathy and I would travel to the mountains of north Georgia to see my brother Bob and his wife Linda. Kathy and I were excitedly planning our trip and looking for to a road trip together and a visit with Bob and Linda who are unfailing gracious hosts. On the visit Bob and Linda took special effort to ensure that Kathy could find and take interesting photos (Kathy loved photography). None of us knew by the middle of the following month Kathy would have passed following an unexpected sickness.

Today I have been listening to the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.” That was Kathy’s and is my favorite hymn. All night long I have had it playing filling the house with an emotive quality that cannot be duplicated. Kathy and I will always share our love and look forward to being together forever.

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