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Friday, October 25, 2013

A Man after My Own Heart and the Cookie Jar

When caught with your hand in the cookie jar, how do you react? (Serendipity Bible, 10th Anniversary Edition, page 1333).

I like to think of Henry Kissinger in his boyhood when one day his mother catches him with his hand in the cookie jar. What sorts of things would he say to his mother? Let us consider for a moment what we know of Henry Kissinger. He always strives to arrive at the essence of a situation and, if possible, states the essence of the matter in a manner and within a light that is almost impossible to denounce because it would fly in the face of reason and experience to do so—he calls forth, in other words, the basic principles involved.

For example, this young, enterprising Henry might say to his reprimanding mom the following:

Surely you are not saying that I should never seek to explore opportunities which promise the releasing of pent up and promising resources?”

Surely you are not suggesting that I should never seek to satisfy personal ambition that promises undeniably favorable (and undeniably delicious) rewards?”

Surely you are not saying that I should never appreciate your unsurpassed handiwork reaching truly epochal proportions—the very embodiment of a cherished family tradition?”

Surely you are not saying I should decry the hierarchal yet elemental needs to eat and feel loved?”

Ok Henry, you take those cookies—and have some more; you’ve earned them!

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