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Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing God

If you could be king or queen for a day, what new law would you enact?  (Serendipity Bible 10th Anniversary Edition, p.1572).

Perhaps legislators deeply involved in legislative affairs could immediately come up with practical laws they would like enacted based upon their in-depth appreciation of the intricacies of current affairs.  Not being tied down by the necessities of practicality, I can think of many laws I would like enacted.  They include a law banning positional prejudice in the payment of wages (thus raising the wages of the likes of clerks and migrant workers); a law banning substances that ruin lives though addiction (thus banning alcoholic beverages and tobacco); a law banning guns (they would be legal only for law enforcement officers); a law demanding the immediate release of all people wrongly convicted who are incarcerated or on death row (thus necessitating a law requiring the production and use of totally reliable polygraphs); a law banning the use of military action unless earnest and full attempts at negotiations and other compliance measures have failed;  a law allowing military action only after death and other casualty count estimates—especially of the innocent—are graphically predicted; a law requiring all those who will be parents to undergo a six-week indoctrination of the proper way to raise children with love and discipline; a law banning excessive compensation that corrupts and ruins the health and welfare of the fortunate;  a law establishing the Golden Rule as the bedrock of all other rules; a law establishing conception as the beginning of life—and other laws requiring the recognition of simple facts; a law requiring honesty and truthfulness in all substantive matters;  a law requiring males to sign notarized legal and binding commitments to women and any resulting children before having even casual sexual intercourse—thus recognizing causality and responsibility;  a law requiring all those dealing in deadly street drugs to write a weekly report on the misery, including birth defects, to which they have personally contributed; a law requiring the religiously faithful to affirm that the foundation of their beliefs is in fact faith (not provable fact) and a law requiring atheists to do the same; a law endorsing freedom of religion while mandating the recognition of a set of principles outlining the inadequacies of one-dimensional materialism and selfishness—requiring, in other words, the simple recognition on the part of individuals of a social compact from which by birth in society they are party to; a law detailing the benefits of a work ethic as an expression of creativity and love.  (As with all legislation, any one of the aforementioned laws could be averted by a simple revision of human nature.)  I look forward to all these laws being enacted in the near future for I am sure they portend neither any difficulties nor controversy.

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