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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Types of Conviction

There are two types of conviction—conviction based on principle and conviction based on prejudice.  The conviction based on prejudice is passionate.  The conviction based on principle is cool.  One seeks to extend itself with passionate force; the other seeks to affirm a personal belief characterized by a quiet certitude.  Contention always exists between these two convictions.  Of particular note is the total incomprehension on the part of passion to understand the quiet psychological power of principle.  Passion is confounded by principle’s utter resistance to intimidation—one of the central weapons of passion.  It finds it incomprehensible and infuriating that something so quiescent yet self-assured could so easily resist passion’s presumed overwhelming force.  Passion judges sincerity by the frenzy displayed; principle judges sincerity by simple yet decisive acts of obedience no matter what the cost.  Passion also does not count cost—it provides fuel without measure to fire its inferno.  Passion is often the downfall of nations, while principle remains like diamonds after the great conflagrations have passed.

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