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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today in Sunday School

Often it is said that a defining test of a person is what would happen if his ordinary fortune changed and he became extremely wealthy.  It is a high complement to a person to say that should they become a billionaire overnight, fundamentally they would not change but remain stable in character, deportment, and behavior.  Their humble reaction to good fortune would testify to their inner strength and steady moral compass.  Today in class we read about and discussed people who have suffered trouble or loss.  It became clear that the greater test might be not the one who gains it all in a short time, but one who swiftly loses it all.  Our current economy gives ample illustrations of this more stringent test.  With unemployment hovering at 10% or greater in some areas, it is not unusual to find people who have lost their jobs and with it many factors that normally bring security and a sense of well-being.  To keep one’s head and maintain steady purpose and faith under these conditions indicates a solid strength of character under adversity.  The highest compliment should be saved not for those who retain a level head after experiencing sudden wealth and triumph, but for those who retain it after undergoing abrupt deprivation and trial.  

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