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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

Dr. Bill Smalling delivered the sermon today on the Impossible Dream - Matt. 2:1-12.  The sermon topic concerned the Magi who visited Bethlehem after Jesus’ birth.  King Herod had asked them to report back to him when they found Jesus.  After finding him, the Magi were warned in a dream not to go back to Herod but rather to return to their country by a different route.  The third point of the sermon was that God protects those who serve him. Despite a record of Christian martyrs, God’s protection for those who serve him is something in which I deeply believe based on my own experience with dicey and dangerous situations.  Many times I could have been easily killed (as in prison when an inmate held a machete to my throat), but God has been my protection and shield.  There is a power to God’s love that protects those who love and serve him.  While martyrdom can be in God’s will, the continuation of life and witnessing is often the more joyous sacrifice required.  There is a saying, “God is not through with me yet.”  It’s natural to hope that he will not be until after a long and full lifetime.

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