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Friday, May 28, 2010

Open Secrets

Friday morning Mark told of seeing a science program Thursday night on television that talked about the moon and earth.  If it weren't for the moon stabilizing the rotation of earth on its axis, we would not be able to have life as we know it.  The weather on earth would be a complete mess.  And the moon has to be just the right size for just the right gravitational force.  Then we got to thinking about the fact that the earth is just the right distance from the sun to support life.  In other words, everything that had to be exactly right was.  So it may be possible that even though there are billions of stars in the universe, the number of times conditions could be exactly right for life could be less than one would think.  Most everything about the universe boggles the mind.  I said it was a little difficult for the atheist to satisfy me that eternal life is not possible.  How do we know what God is capable of or the breadth of the manifestations of perception and sentience or the full ramifications of love as a creative force?  Mark said either view may be right (the atheist view or the faith view).  We just don't know.

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