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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit & Intelligence

I want to tell you I am a happy man. First of all, I have been most fortunate. I was born into a family that wanted me and loved me. They treated me with love and respect all my life. My father was graced with humility of spirit and a sense of humor, and my mother was graced with a pure heart. My father gave Bob & me a great gift when he said (no matter what the circumstances or what others may do), "Do your best, and that's the best that you can do." In other words, he gave us freedom. He realized that we would never have complete control or be "perfect," but that should not paralyze us. Just do the best that we can do.
So, as I say, I am happy. Of course, mother adds much to my life. Now I see for the first time how lonely I was before marriage. Now just to have her around to share experiences with is very meaningful and comforting. She has a Christian spirit and, as I've said before, I think a loving Christian spirit and a strong intelligence have much in common. The fruit of the spirit and the fruit of intelligence are similar I think. It reminds me of the plaque I have in my computer room which I got when we were in Jasper to visit you. I will scan it and include it below:

One sure sign of intelligence is the recognition of limits and a certain humility when confronted with the environment around you. Intelligence gives others their say and listens objectively (but not without love, goodwill, and respect) to the physical world. (Blind fear, as much as possible, should be avoided.) We are surrounded within and without by many messages. Sometimes we have the tools to pick up on these messages, and sometimes we don't. As my father said, "Just do the best you can." This is the voice of love following Bob and me throughout our lives. I have sometimes (not often enough perhaps) thought, "what helpful advice can I give Alton?" Now I know, it is the same advice my father gave Bob and me.

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