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Sunday, July 26, 2020


You know the dire warning...Keep doing that and you'll go blind (that is,,,masturbating).

The truth of the matter is probably the exact opposite.  Consider the centrality of sex in all our lives.  Loving mothers never ask their teenage mean we are already out of bananas and creamy peanut butter?  She never needs to asks for she's proud of her growing son and his neighborhood male companions.  She just PRETENDS she doesn't have a clue while religiously keeping these facilitators on her shopping list.

Please understand I do not intend to make a joke of the RICH AND POWERFUL Playing in the bedroom with young underage girls--as has been in the news of late.  But between you and me I have some difficulty seeing fat old men romping (and staying) atop anything...much less  Twiggy Young'uns.

For us old farts virtual sex may not only be preferable but well neigh the only option.  Get out that mirror, load up a little porn, and grab a banana with creamy peanut butter, and a ladle or two of wild unfiltered honey.

Not only the young can have sheets in need of laundering!!!.