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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Present War Will Determine Just Who Is Naive

The Only Threat Greater than Greed is Naive Wagering on the Pretense of Innocence. 


It has forever been the first and last criticism of democracy—democracy is hayseed naive.  Example:  Listen up all you hayseed—you are being duped by the elite hypocrites who care only for themselves.  No! You must believe in us—the true stand-tall thug enforcers of the Real Truth!

Face the facts: We are at war with those who claim allegiance to "Law and Order" while undermining the Constitution every chance they get..   

Are the traitors praying for fair weather in Fall elections? must be kidding!.

The traitors' strategy will keep the fogs of war at full blast until naive baby chicks are scattered about crying over their lost nests.

We need to determine strategy and tactics to make damn sure in defeat the traitors limp away much less naive about the depth of our absolute commitment to democracy and its underlying values.

Talk, talk, talk!!!   Hello, we are at WAR.