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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Senate Sharing and Support Session Highly Recommended

Alcohol and Other Drugs (From United Methodist Social Principles: The Social Community)
We affirm our long-standing support of abstinence from alcohol as a faithful witness to God’s liberating and redeeming love for persons. We support abstinence from the use of any illegal drugs. Since the use of illegal drugs, as well as illegal and problematic use of alcohol, is a major factor in crime, disease, death, and family dysfunction, we support educational programs as well as other prevention strategies encouraging abstinence from illegal drug use and, with regard to those who choose to consume alcoholic beverages, judicious use with deliberate and intentional restraint, with Scripture as a guide.

Let me briefly state my view of male sexuality.  It is my belief that males in and approaching puberty and sometimes beyond seek affirmation of their normalcy in sexual development through sexual displays among males of same age—what I have called little angels playing Tarzan in the woods.  Lucky youth are not introduced to the idea that sex is dirty or forbidden.  Neither do they suspect that the occasional little angel play portends any type of sexual identity ambiguity—anymore than that the individual’s reflection in his bathroom mirror sometimes leads to arousal.

Now the phrase little angels in the woods suggests it is not only normal but in a sense all in God’s plan for healthy male development—and perhaps even necessary for advancement in the development of a long-term commitment to a cherished female.  Another important aspect for little angels in the forest is that it is private and any communication of the event is highly restricted and controlled by the participants to trusted friends of goodwill.

The alleged behavior we heard described in Senate hearings last week suggests to me a very unhealthy (sick) mindset.  First, it is my belief an occasion provided for several males to display sexual prowess before their male peers is what the whole thing is really about—not lust for females.  The female--like the alcohol--lends a patina of protectionist rationale--they would never have displayed their sexual behaviors to other males unless it was ironclad justifiable in their own mind that their free choice was clouded by alcohol and lust. The female like the alcohol are simply props to cloud the real fundamental desire to display sexual behavior before another male(s).

It is rumored that Senators are human.....maybe all too human.  For all future Senate Hearings on this matter, I suggest the distinguished and highly respectable representatives of the people should first one by one go around the room and fully describe the situation and occasion of their first youthful masturbation in dramatic and graphic terms.  Following this, they are to describe the 3 craziest things they did with their genitals during their teenage years and with special mention when a member of the same sex was present.  As the national and international audience for this session might be huge, it is suggested that advertisements for alcoholic beverages could not only serve to reduce the national debt, but would also be highly instructional  to children viewers learning what it means to be a True American.

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