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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rocky Mountain Highs

Patriots tend to focus on freedom as having a governmental attribute often characterized with tribute to the many who have suffered and died to protect and defend nation-state democracies. The homeland is ultimately underwritten domestically by the application of the Sword of the State which identifies and curtails hurtful anti-social behavior that has been duly codified.

During my stay at Saint Anthony's Hospital this week, I complimented the attending Registered Nurse (Don) for his thoughtfulness and proactive courtesies shown to my friends who occasionally stopped by to visit me. He immediately replied with a question…"You know why?" When I shook my head “No", he replied, “FREEDOM"  He could see I was searching for further clarification, and he said “My manager (Jackie) gives me the freedom to do such things.”  I knew immediately what this meant.

For like many others who would joyfully serve up their very best in expansive fields of sunlit uplands, we can find ourselves instead crawling through a maze of  dank Indiana Jones underground caverns whose floors seethe with angry scorpions ready to fire cocked-and-loaded stingers when incited by the perverted and overweening pleasure of the self-appointed masters of the universe.  

This condition is rightly seen as heavily toxic to the divinely solocitous and creative better angels of our nature. Their thuswise crippled performance serve to remind us of the huge importance that due regard suffuse a structure with persistent self-constraint and humility (power under control) necessary to nourish a ruddy social climate of freedom and responsibility--intertwining the wonder of paradox with the interwoven mystic chords of soul.  

The larger point to make is that freedom's enterprising spirit should extend to the maximum extent possible.   What's the point of living in a free nation-state if  chained daily by cruel circumstance to a local workplace satiated with poisonous sadism thinly disguised as no-nonsense tough-as-nails management.  Surely by now we humans should see through this deception which finds no joy but in the desecration of human hope and happiness.