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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Bless Be The Tie That Binds

This week we have seen President Trump yearning to be the Strong Man.  Now lets all confess at the outset we have all been there before ourselves.  It is the desire in some sense to be the dramatic Superman swooping in on the scene to make histrionic and decisive change. Yet, as is so often the case in the complex cacophony of human affairs, resources can be ridiculously outstripped by the grind of mundane needs.  How often have I dreamed that if I could only have unlimited financial resources, I could finally bestow on those I love a final financial solution to end all sadness and grief?.  

Some weeks ago my wife and I were in my villa when I brought a plastic chair from off the patio and positioned it on the interior hard wood floors. On heavily resting myself within the seat the legs attempted to spread-eagle on the slick floor, a leg broke off, and I landed with a thud on the floor.  To all my young and lithe readers out there, let me rudely interpose here an unpleasant fact--old folks like me do not after a fall spring elf-like back on our feet.  No, it literally took me over two hours to so position myself on my knees with suitable structural support surrounding me to once again return to a standing position. Now my wife Connie--due to her physical limitations--could not begin to play the role of a Super-Strong Superwoman. She was there and could have called the first responders as a last resort.  But her continuous indispensable role for more than two stressful hours was TO BE THERE to supply encouragement and moral support. Sometimes with Super-Strong Man images clouding our minds, we tremendously underestimate the essential redemptive nature of just BEING THERE.  I have little doubt that countless parents under severe financial limitations daydream of a stupendous monetary windfall allowing them to save their children....whereas in truth wealth alone can never match the overwhelming need for a BEING THERE supportive embrace

This past week the chief representatives of NATO countries met to ceremonially symbolize SUPPORT in the face of continuing vulnerability.  The whole point of the ceremonies was a mutual demonstration of BEING THERE for one another--even if that should finally entail battlefield death.

When a family visits a loved-one in the hospital (as of, say, a youth seriously injured in a motorcycle accident), there may indeed be words of wisdom older family members may in their view wish to give a careless youth. But there is a season for all things and when a son's life hangs in the balance, there is need for a family circle of unadulterated and palpable symbolized support.

God give us grace to know when to embrace and when to refrain from embracing.

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