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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Swinging in the Vines

Big Kahuna : (definitions from:  
balls (male genitals).

The last Presidential election was in many ways a laboratory exercise in further identifying the American understanding of  “Big Kahuna”    In the Republican primary candidates spent considerable time during live TV debates hyping up their penis sizes for public perusal—something I had not personally seen since years ago in the woods playing Tarzan--when our little angelic halos only slightly tilted heavenward.   In the general election ultimate commitments sometimes became secondary to Call-to-Duty combat of breast vs penis.

After numerous university courses in public policy formation, I missed out on the rigors of this particular political/genital research discipline—no doubt an advanced offering for honors only.  Sometimes I ask myself: What should the voting age actually be in America  to exploit the keenest political interest—perhaps 12 for males and 10 for females?  God Bless America.

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!  Theaters with wide screens thundered in dark sanctity the legendary rolling rectitude of righteous might. It should be noted that the Star Wars series followed on the heels of the Vietnam War with its top to bottom duplicity and wasted lives.

Hopefully our next election will advance from glutting over who has the tallest and most intimidating obelisk to an earnest laboratory effort employing the interplay of empathy and objectivity for the challenges that are pressing upon us. 

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